Never thought I’d every see myself blogging, ya’ll!!  But I must say, I should have taken this particular course of action a loooong time ago.  For two reasons:  one, it’s a great way to connect with people…especially fellow writers who, like myself, wish to become better at the craft of writing, and also share their work with the world, and because I’m a tad long-winded and perhaps this is the best way to convey my thoughts without working people’s nerves with my big mouth.  For those of you that PERSONALLY know me, you will probably prefer to visit this site than to ever converse with me again!  ANY-who, the PRIMARY focus of this site is to truly talk/share anything “fiction” related…whether it’s a recommended book, or writing tips and advice, literary agent hunting to include resources to find them…whatever! Secondary, this site is dedicated to fun, of which some of you may ask, “what does he mean ‘fun’?”.  Listen, I like fun, crazy video clips, i.e. Key and Peele, stand-up comedy, memes and such.  So if you have something funny…minus anything offensive, please do share!  I love a good laugh.  Thank you for visiting my site, and I truly hope to see you back again and again!


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