Follow Your Dreams…Cliché-ish…But Tru-ish!!!

So…what’s MY dream?  To become a published author and through traditional means to boot, i.e. literary agent to publishing house(s).  Well, I am published…but not in the sense that I’d like to be…yet!!!  But, thanks to a one “Elaine Harris” who is/was hugely instrumental in the publication of Rainfall and Bullets in 2011  (and also my life in general), I can say that I am a lot further than where I was.  She assisted in my endeavors to go the half-traditional half self-publishing route through Greenleaf Book Group, an awesome publishing company with great people.  If it wasn’t for her belief in me, it wouldn’t have happened.  Heck, in addition to following your dreams, you gotta have people that believe in your dreams, and Elaine was not the only one who believe(s) in me.  I absolutely must create a whole separate blog regarding THAT particular topic of what it feels like to have those who believe…and the harsh reality of those who don’t believe in you.  Stay tuned!!!

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