Words of Encouragement

A good friend of mine, Charles Culp who is an aspiring fashion designer, told me this years ago…and it still rings true to me to this day:

“Don’t minimize your accomplishments with unnecessary adjectives (ie.
“baby” steps). Look at each advancement as progress in a large degree
to maintain your positive outlook instead of a small victory. I know
it’s just a figure of speech but I had to remove all descriptions that
made what I was doing sound small or minimal in any way. I think and
dream big so I will never reach a destination of success. Instead I
will travel a continuous journey to reach a plateau that’s higher than
the one I was standing on yesterday.” – Charles “Chuck” Culp

The pics below –images of Chuck’s T-shirts when he first started out–were taken quite a few years back.  He has since created other T-shirts, knit-caps, hoodies, of various colors and designs.  Trust me, the pics do NOT do him justice.  Check him out at http://loveinc.tv/


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