The Power of Fiction


I get it.  I truly do.  Some people simply don’t like to read fiction.  I was like that once, until I found a book (series) that truly captivated me.  That series was called the Dragonlance Chronicles within the fantasy-genre.  The first book of the three-book series was called, “The Dragons of Autumn Twilight”.  How in the world did I come to know that particular series and genre?  It was my sophomore year of high school in the year…well, let’s just say a looooong time ago!  Anyway, I had seen fellow students carrying this book around and talking intimately about it.  I had begun to wonder what the hoopla was all about.  So I bought the d***ed-thing, read it with-a-quickness, and was hooked on the book, series, and reading in general albeit all fantasy at the time!  I then began to devour all-books-fantasy for the remainder of my high school years until I graduated and enlisted in the Air Force.  I didn’t pick up another book until years and years later, which was approximately  3-to-5 years prior to retirement from active duty.  Around that particular point in time, I had begun to visit bookstores again with the itch to find a book to read, one that would whet my appetite and perhaps remind me of how much I had missed reading.  I discovered, “The Way Home” by George Pelecanos, a crime-fiction author who I’d love to meet and glean from…and incidentally he is my favorite author!  I also enjoy the work of Stephen King, Joe Hill, Dean Koontz, T. Jefferson Parker, and more.  Once I re-discovered how much I love read, I learned that I had been ignorant of the power and joy of fiction from the jump.  The power and joy of fiction is not simply a good plot or story-line of a book…but is also attributed to an author’s ability to draw readers in with author gerat”voice”, realistic and vulnerable characters , conflict, and conflict resolution, and then some.  Again, I get it–some people don’t like to read fiction; but I equate that to those folks not having discovered a novel that suits their respective interest or imagination.  All of this said, I challenge you to give it your best effort and discover and read a book, find a lil quiet place to delve into it–and discover the power and joy of fiction!!


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