“Take a Load Off…and ‘Chill-ax'”

20161030_173008-copyRelax.  Take a breather.  Find a nice place to sit back and chill-out.  Often-times we find ourselves “rippin’-and-runnin’”, a phrase my Big Ma–may she rest in peace–used to say when describing folks who are always on the go.  Incidentally, ‘Big Ma’ was my maternal grandmother, the wonderful lady who raised me—and for those of you who are aware of the association of the matriarchal ‘Big Ma’ of the family, then you understand the significance of her role in my life—without evening being intimately familiar with my life.  More on Big Ma in a future post as the spirit moves me.  Back to the purpose of this particular blog.   Familial responsibilities and/or a self-induced hectic life-style places us in situations in which we believe that we don’t have the time to find a place to relax, and get some ‘me-time’.  In some cases, it is simply a matter-of-choice that dissuades us from taking a chill-pill.  We know ourselves, and we know when we truly want to find a place to decompress but we let the worries of our lives deprive us from our just-due.  Don’t let the worries of your life cheat you out of a time to relax.  I’m here to tell you that some of the best places to decompress is outside somewhere, taking in the sights, and enjoying an outdoor-view.  For some, that place could be sitting on a bench overlooking a marina and marveling at the slip with its boats rising and falling to the steady cadence of a harbor’s ripples, with a tree hanging you to shield you from the scorching sun.  Of course, the outdoor-thing may not necessarily be the preferred place to decompress.  Browsing a bookstore with a cup of warm coffee or frappé with no intention of finding a read, and yet you find one anyway.  Some people exercise to relax.  Listen, exercise is great…but you can’t mentally relax because you’re too busy pumping yourself up to get through your workout.  For all of you gamers out there, that’s great too—heck I’m a gamer as well although not as immersed as I used to be.  But, uhhhh, you know how you gamers can be—it’s SERIOUS business, right?  Ain’t no way you can RELAX!!! Heh, whatever method is used to decompress, I can’t knock it.  As long as it works for you, and you truly feel relieved.  But…I urge you to find a place outdoors with a panoramic view to immerse yourself in, and just sit there and take it all in, minus the smart-phone.  Don’t let the worries of your life seep into your conscience during such moments.  Those worries will remain for you to deal with when you’re chill-axing.  Fret not, though.  Because you’ll be rejuvenated enough to deal with them like a champ!  The worries of your life are ever-present, but so are the opportunities to find awesome places—to take a load off and chill-ax.

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