Reflection of Self


(**Permission to use this photo was granted by Elaine Harris, and is in no way a “reflection”–pun intended, as I could NOT resist–of this post)

What do you see when you’re all by your lone-some and you look into a mirror?  Your reflection, right?  Well…look beyond the reflection, way past what you see on the surface of that mirror.  Yeah, you see you, but it’s a tad more than that.  When you look into that mirror and see yourself peering back at you, you’re seeing sooooo much more than a mere reflection.  If you’re honest, you’ll see the beautiful side of yourself, and the ugly side, too.  You’ll see trials and tribulations, and successes and failures.   You’ll reminisce about the great decisions you’ve made, and the horrendous ones that you still regret and cannot change, yet dwell on them.  You’ll think about the ones who have hurt you, and the ones you’ve hurt in return with little to no remorse.  While staring at yourself, you’ll think about today, and unconcerned about tomorrow, totally unaware that tomorrow is NOT promised.  You’ll blame someone else for a calamity that may have happened to you, knowing full-well that you-and-you-alone are to blame.  You may even think about those long-dead loved ones–may they rest in peace–that you feel may have rolled over in their graves because of your actions that may have offended them because they love you so much.  My beloved readers, I assure you that I’m in no way placing myself on a pedestal and insinuating that I’m not guilty of the aforementioned considerations.  In fact, I fall within the “guilty-as-charged” statistic as it relates to it all.  But…I have totally accepted who I am and taken responsibility for the things that I have done, and I have learned–and am learning–from my mistakes and outright bad decisions.  So as you’re reflecting on who you are, fret-not on the negative in full understanding that no one is perfect.  Simply move forward and be the best person you can be for yourself, and for those you love (and who love you back!).  Be proud of the reflection staring back at you in the mirror!!!  


2 thoughts on “Reflection of Self

  1. Hello my dearest brother! This is a very AUTHENTIC message that just hit home and straight to the heart. Who can ignore this? Not no one. It’s impossible. Yet it is an important message for all of us to take time and sync this within our deepest thoughts. We All have faults ESPECIALLY ME. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for delivering this message in a nick time at our darkest moment for keeping our eyes open as well our eyes on you looking for another inspirational powerful message. All I can say is BRING IT ON BROTHER!


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