The Path to Success

20161113_232244The path to success, as beautiful as our minds conjure the journey up to be, can be marred by obstacles of life that tend to slow us down—or outright dissuade us—from maintaining the desire to push forward.  Often-times those obstacles come in the form of situations outside of our immediate control, ie “life”—yet we must deal with them and continue onward if we expect to reach our respective measures of success.  If we are honest with ourselves, sometimes it’s simply laziness on our part, doubt or a combination there-of, especially in cases when we feel as though we have not made any strides.  I’m speaking from experience in this particular regard!  Maybe it isn’t laziness after-all, but merely not working hard enough or allowing distractions to slow us down when we’re on the cusp of reaching our level of success.  The worst circumstance one can place themselves in is to surround themselves with those who do not believe in them—the proverbial hater-type obstacle.  Let-it-be-known that haters may be those closest to you, those who consciously tell you directly or indirectly to your face that you’re not going to make it.  Appreciate them!  They should be considered a form of motivation, and not so you can throw your success in their faces when you make it—stay humble!  Of course, there are the slanderous-haters who bash you and ridicule you behind your back.  In either case, stay the course, stay focused!  Whatever your aspirations, whether it’s a promotion, becoming a successful author, singer, obtaining your degree, becoming a better mother/father or person, STAY FOCUSED!  Educate yourself in your respective field/aspiration, cater to your family because they deserve your love and time and you-theirs, work hard, and if you stumble a bit or even fall, do NOT stay down.  It happens!  Pick your a** up, and keep it movin’!!!  And you know what?  It doesn’t end once you’ve crossed over the path to success or becoming a better person.  No way, no how.  At that point—the real challenges begin!!!

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