Valentine’s Day: Greatly Overrated…or Simply Unappreciated?

fullsizerenderSome argue that Valentine’s Day is overrated.  To put it more succinctly, some feel that you should show your love to your significant other EVERY single day as opposed to settling for only February 14th of every year.  I wholeheartedly agree with the former, but the latter should be an extra-special occasion!  Not to mention, how many people realistically SHOW their love to their significant others, or say “I love you” every single day.  Let me rephrase the latter part of that question:  How many people actually tell their significant others “I love you” every single day WITH ENTHUSIASM!  Listen, I’m not doubting anyone’s sincerity when they utter those three important words to their boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc but let’s be honest—routine-is-routine.  Although saying “I love you” to someone is a nice gesture, there comes a time when there’s no magical feeling or alignment of the stars from the deliverer and/or receiver of those words after you’ve been involved with someone for a while.  Know why?  ROUTINE!!!  So…plan in advance for the ONE day of the year to go above-and-beyond and SHOW—with enthusiasm—just how much you love your significant other.  A surprise breakfast in bed followed by dinner and a movie later in the day, a night out on the town and dancing, a stage play (a Tyler Perry play is awesome) or popular musical, live music while gobbling down dessert and sipping on some wine and talking about old times.  My examples are indicative of a few of the things that I would do or have done.  And be forewarned, when you’re talking about old times, talk about the GOOD ones only; when BAD times start seeping into the conversation cut that s**t off cuz it’ll ruin the whole damn night.  Jus’ sayin’.  Sorry to have changed up the tone of this post, but I felt it would be prudent-as-hell to speak from experience (insert clearing of throat here).  Anyway, each to his or her own when it comes to February 14th.  Regardless, I urge you to plan a nice Valentine’s Day event for the one you love.  Trust me, your significant other will truly feel loved—and you’ll be loved (more) by them back because of it.  Valentine’s Day can certainly be considered overrated.  But in most cases?  It’s simply unappreciated.

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