Presentation is Everything!

speghettiThe concept of presentation is hugely important…and can be fun.  We tend to associate “presentation” with personal appearance or more-so, in a business/work-place setting—like a power-point slide to give the consummate professionals something to relate to.  No disrespect to the work-place folks!  I respect and love you all!  The presentation I’m referring to can be applied to home meals prepared for family and friends, festivities, i.e. the holiday season, or one’s birthday party, and more.  How many times have you gone to a restaurant and you find yourself admiring the interior design and scenery, table setting, props, and ambiance—and of course, the food arrangement when dinner is served!  By the way, this fascination can occur subconsciously as well, meaning some folks don’t even realize how impressed they are with a wonderful dinner-presentation when they experience it.   Same scenario:   what about when a restaurant setting is subpar, your food is served on a dirty plate and is under or overcooked, or you find a hair or other debris in it—or your server is unkempt with a bad attitude to boot.  Horrible, right?  Okay…let’s change it up a bit.  For you car lovers, how about kicking it at a massive, well-orchestrated car show, where the sweet, whips—‘whips’ are cars for those of ya’ll who don’t know—are lined up, highly polished, chrome-wheels glistening, hoods-up, and engines rocking aftermarket parts?  Awesome, right?  The point of this whole topic is this if you don’t already get it:  a well-thought out presentation—of ANY kind—is aesthetically pleasing to the eye!  Even a jar of spaghetti sauce and noodles, ground beef, an empty bottle of port wine in a fancy wooden wine box, along with two wine glasses with twisted-napkins protruding form them, and all of this with a large, maroon decorative plate as the back-drop can look enticing–but do marinate your sauce and ground beef overnight, though.  Yes, presentation sets it all off, but the food gots-ta-be good, too, peeples (misspelled for emphasis)!  So, whenever you’re planning a presentation for someone special or any event in general, be creative and have fun with it.   Everything you’ve got should go into your presentation—because presentation IS everything!

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